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24Hr Microactive® CoQ10


Date Added

5 March 2013

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Genceutic Natural's 24Hr Nano CoQ10 100 mg Supplement has distinct advantages over ordinary CoCo10. First of all, its patented, nanosized CoQ10 and ß-Cyclodextrin matrix it is significantly more stable, retaining much greater stability against heat and light. Secondly, this matrix showed a sustained release and bioavailability was significantly better than ordinary CoQ10 by a factor of 3.7. In addition, Genceutic Natural's 24Hr Nano CoQ10 matrix has 40% more consistent absorption than ubiquinol, a metabolized form of CoQ10 often touted as having superior absorption.


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Category: Food and Beverage > Supplements

Origin: USA

Nanomaterials: Calcium, Magnesium

How much we know: Category 4 (Unsupported claim)