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Bacoban is a water based daily cleaner/disinfectant which leaves behind a Multi-Functional Surface. Once the cleaning effect dissipates, a three dimensional nano-structured layer, measuring 40 times thicker than human DNA, is automatically formed and left behind, allowing for up to 10 days of antimicrobial protection. This ultra-thin film ensures that dust, protein and liquids (i.e. sweat) will adhere loosely to the surface allowing for complete and effortless removal. These surface refinements make Bacoban ideal for those organizations who are mandated to maintain regular/periodic cleaning processes. Conventional disinfectants are immediately effective, however, their efficacy is limited to their contact time. Unwanted bacteria and viruses begin forming almost immediately, mere minutes after a surface cleaning. Using a highly innovative and unique ‘controlled release’ mechanism, the universally accepted active ingredient responsible for Bacoban’s antimicrobial effects is released from the nano-structured matrix only when required - allowing for lasting effects of up to 10 days, thus ‘closing the hygienic gap’, protecting the treated surface from microbial growth and virtually eliminating cross contamination between disinfection periods. When used with compatible MFStek layers, Bacoban will rejuvenate abrasion points on non-porous surface coatings that have been applied to substrates such as metal, plastic and glass. However, Bacoban does not need to be used as part of a two component system as it has been designed to serve as a stand alone 1-step clean, disinfect and shield. Extensive third party testing by internationally recognized laboratories confirm efficacy against the below micro-organisms.


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Flooring Treatment (absorbant surfaces)

Company: Nanosafeguard

Category: Home and Garden > Cleaning

Origin: USA

Nanomaterial: Silicon dioxide

How much we know: Category 4 (Unsupported claim)