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11 June 2009


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"EO Collection Introducing the EO Collection, a new bag category designed for the intelligent traveler offering a sophisticated, casual aesthetic and true versatility. Featuring NanoSphere® fabric by Schoeller Textiles AG of Switzerland, the EO Collection matches pioneering modular bag designs with a host of innovative storage options and eco-friendly, naturally self-cleaning fabric features. Schoeller Fabric with NanoSphere® Technology Schoeller Switzerland is an award-winning market leader for innovative fabrics and smart textile technologies. All pieces in the EO Collection are constructed of high quality, high tenacity 3-to-1Z-twill weave 15 oz Cotton that is protected with Schoeller Textile AG's ecologically friendly, water-based fabric application, delivering durability and superior abrasion and water resistance. The interior of each bag is lined with 4-to-1 satin weave 11 oz Cotton finished with NanoSphere® Technology, providing an extremely high level of water, dirt and oil repellency. The inner lining is soft to the touch, naturally elastic and odor-resistant."

With a mixture of high-tech textiles and simplistic modern styling, the new Incase EO Collection has something for everyone. Made from Schoeller Switzerland's eco-friendly, water-resistant NanoSpere fabric, the bags are both versatile and utilitarian. The Messenger Bag ($190), Duffel Bag ($235), and Overnite Bag ($300) all feature a 4-in-1 satin weave interior finished with NanoSphere tech, and horizontal outer belts which allow for modular expansion with Accessory Pouches ($80). Add in a 15-inch Laptop Sleeve ($80), and you're covered.

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