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Nanocover Wood and Stone


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23 January 2014


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With a NanoCover Wood + Stone sealing your tiles, garden furniture, patio and fence, you avoid the cumbersome cleaning! NanoCover Wood + Stone acts as an invisible but breathable protection that makes cleaning much easier. You do not subsequently use harsh cleaners or high-pressure cleaning and water and dirt does not absorb into the wood or tile, but is as small droplets on the surface of the sealed surfaces. When you treat your woodwork with NanoCover Wood + Stone remain the wood dry. This will avoid rotting the wood and the terrace is set with a beautiful surface where dirt, moss and algae can not be trapped but just can rinse off with clean water.

A number of cases of pulmonary injury by use of aerosolized surface coating products have been reported worldwide. The aerosol from a commercial alcohol-based nanofilm product (NFP) for coating of nonabsorbing surfaces was found to induce severe lung damage in a recent mouse bioassay. The NFP contained a 1H,1H,2H,2H-perfluorooctyl trialkoxysilane (POTS) and the effects were associated with the hydrolyzed forms of the silane; increase in hydrolyzation resulted in faster induction of compro- mised breathing and induction of lung damage. In this study, the impact of the solvent on the toxicity of POTS has been investi- gated. BALB/cA mice were exposed to aerosolized water-based NFPs containing POTS, and solutions of hydrolyzed POTS in methanol, ethanol, and 2-propanol, respectively. No acute respira- tory effect was observed at exposure concentrations up to 110 mg/ m3 with an aqueous solution of POTS. However, exposure to POTS in methanol resulted in a decrease of the tidal volume—an effect that did not resolve within the recovery period. After 27min of exposure, the tidal volume had decreased by 25%, indicating par- tial alveolar collapse. For POTS in ethanol and 2-propanol, a 25% reduction of the tidal volume was observed after 13 and 9min, respectively; thus, the tidal volume was affected by increase of the chain length. This was confirmed in vitro by investigating lung sur- factant function after addition of POTS in different solvents. The addition of vaporized methanol, 2-propanol, or acetone to aero- solized POTS in methanol further exacerbated the tidal volume reduction, demonstrating that the concentration of vaporized sol- vent participated in the toxicity of POTS. Nørgaard et al. (2013)


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