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Know Your Nano? Free iPods To Those With High “Nano IQ”!

Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies launches new website, runs contest to test public’s knowledge of nanotechnology

Update: February 25, 2008

The contest has closed. Thanks to all who participated, and congratulations to:

  • Kim B., Sandusky, OH
  • Michael B., Reston, VA
  • Katie H., Phoenix, AZ
  • Melissa H., Washington, DC
  • Dominic, L., Tucson, AZ

Washington, DC – Five free iPod Nanos are up for grabs! Winners will be randomly selected from entrants who successfully complete a five-question “Nano-IQ” test.

>Take the Nano IQ test

The iPod Nano is one of over five hundred publicly available nanotechnology consumer products cataloged in the Project’s frequently cited inventory. The completely redesigned Web site is home to several inventories, as well as a host of other resources about nanotechnology including video archives from public events, podcasts, free reports and commentary from leading experts in the field of nanotechnology policy.

“Since the Project first went online in 2005, millions of users – from the general public and students to leaders in government and industry – have taken advantage of our site’s tremendous breadth of resources,” said the Project’s New Media Director Alex Parlini. “We are a major reference point in the rapidly expanding universe of nanotechnology policy. This Web site will dramatically improve access to our growing catalog of research and policy analysis, while allowing us to explore new ground and provide fresh, unique content for our diverse audiences.”

With the redesign, the Project also released a biennial retrospective report of its activities. For experts, the report provides a quick survey of Project research. For the uninitiated, it offers an accessible overview of many of the issues involved in the safe, responsible development of a technology that many see enabling the “next industrial revolution.”

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