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Nanotech Project

Consumer Products Inventory

An inventory of nanotechnology-based consumer products introduced on the market.

After more than twenty years of basic and applied research, nanotechnologies are gaining in commercial use. But it has been difficult to find out how many “nano” consumer products are on the market and which merchandise could be called “nano.” While not comprehensive, this inventory gives the public the best available look at the 1,600+ manufacturer-identified nanotechnology-based consumer products introduced to the market.

This "living" inventory is a resource for consumers, citizens, policymakers, and others who are interested in learning about how nanotechnology is entering the marketplace.

We recently published a paper about this inventory. Please see it here:

Vance, M. E., Kuiken, T., Vejerano, E. P., McGinnis, S. P., Hochella, M. F., Jr., Rejeski, D. and Hull, M. S. (2015) Nanotechnology in the real world: Redeveloping the nanomaterial consumer products inventoryBeilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, 6, 1769-1780.